The latest foolishness in the world that has touched my tiny life

I’ve been reading a lot of comments on blogs and in response to news and “news” items, and I’m throwing down my two cents (a lot of money for someone with very little).
I’m an American, born and raised. My blood runs back (genetically), to Ireland mostly, with (in descending order) Scottish, Welsh, Dutch and German mixed in; a true mutt, just the same as every good American.
When “my people” came to this country, Irish were the “filthy immigrants” of the time; boarding houses had signs in their windows stating “No dogs, No actors, No Irish”. We learned what English we needed and what American customs we had to in order to survive, but we held our love of the Old Country dear to our hearts, since we were driven out by The Great Famine by our English Overlords.
We were not welcomed into this country when we first came, this country which was stolen from its original inhabitants with a few shiny beads and some smallpox-ridden blankets, but we persevered and forced our way into the country that did not originally want us; we’re a stubborn race, the Irish.
My advice to everyone out there being so divisive and unkind is calm down. I understand that you’re afraid, but it’s (possibly) because all you have been listening to fear-mongers on television and radio stations owned by an Australian, Rupert Murdock, and not educating yourselves by reading, viewing or listening to any competing viewpoints. Fear makes people stupid (Look at Ferguson, MO).
I could write to all the xenophobes and haters, STFU, but our Constitution guarantees us ALL freedom of speech in the First Amendment, even if the speech is ugly and hateful.


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